Saturday, November 17, 2007

Project Runway Canada: Top Designers

I am most definetly a fan of Project Runway Canada. Former Supermodel Iman, is an entertaining host who understands design. The competion has highlighted some wonderful Canadian talent.

Lucian is a designer who is originally from Romania, but he has settled in Canada. With his exquiste tailoring, he has been my favourite designer throughout the competition. He has been critiqued for too much embellishment, but he has a distinctive style that you either love or hate. I personally love it. He is a perfectionist, whose work is always feminine and haute couture.

Shernett Swaby is a successful designer who has her own line and store "Swaby". She is the most focused designer on the show She is extremely determined to win, and I think she could pose a serious threath to Lucian. Her casual outfits are always wearable and stylish. However, her eveningwear tends to be too theatrical and not very flattering.

Despite Megan's sloppy tailoring and unimaginative design she has continued to be passed through each stage of the competion at the expense of talented designers. On the 6th episode, Carlie was let go for poor execution of her design. This was very disappointing. I had picked Carlie to be one of the top three.

In place of Carlie, my next choice is Bidell. He has a street style, which reminds me of former Project Runway winner Jeffery Sebelia. He is a very fast worker, who does a lot of creative designs. I would love to own the skinny fit pants with the puff pockets.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hot Winter Look

It gets boring wearing the same coat, day in and day out through the long winter months. The alternative to buying a new coat is warming up your winter look with expressive accessories. I wouldn't suggest wearing all these accesories at once. Instead buy a couple of scarves, belts and a great brooch and mix and match two pieces at a time.

The best winter accessory this season is the silk scarf. Silk scarves are more colourful and stylish than traditional knit ones. They brigthen up your overall look. If you need the extra warmth of a traditional knit scarf, you can still get a fashionable look, by using classic patterns like hounsdtooth, plaid and animal print or even solid bright colours.

A) Mauve Leaf 18"x72" Satin Chiffon Shawl $79.00
B) Veronica Long Silk Scarves $36.00
C)Houndstooth scarf $49.50

Corset belts with buckle detail are a flattering trend. I especially like metallic belts. To look a little more dressy try a jewelled belt.
A) WCM Triple Buckle Patent Leather Belt $120.00
B) Linea Pelle gold woven leather wide high waist belt $105.30
C)Sparkly chain belt $49.00

Brooches bring old Hollywood style to your winter look. A beautiful brooch is a great investment, since it can be worn with many items and is a timeless classic. More than just pinning your brooch to your lapel, you can also attach it to your scarf to keep it in place.

A) Sterling Silver Antiqued Marcasite Brooch 19.99
B) Judith Jack 'Snowflake Special' Pin $125.00
C) Blue Winged Swarovski Crystal Dragonfly Brooch $34.00