Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Model VS Nelly Furtardo

I love Sass and Bide, their style is casual and cool. Nelly looks great in their "the last part" dress at the Brit awards....even though she is wearing it backwards! The buttons on the collar are supposed to be in the back and the joint at the neck is slightly different in the front. Click on the post title to see the dress on the Sass and Bide webside. I think she looks better than the model here inspite of the mistake,

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rbk Freestyle

The Rbk Freestyle was originally released in 1982 and became one of Reebok's best selling shoes and was a fashion must-have. Reebok relaunched the freestyle on its 25th anniversary back in March. Reebok will be releasing 16 shoes and they have different release dates. The prices vary from $79.00 t0 $199.00.

Reign-bow available June 1, 2007
Comes in Hot pink, purple, orange and green.

This month I am anxiously awaiting the release of Reign-bow, which will be coming out on June 1st 2007. I love this shoe... I am salivating over it, I am dreaming about the amazing funky outfits I will put together with it. I love edgy style and there is hardly a colour more edgy than hot pink. Here are some of the best Freestyle shoes:

Easter available April 1, 2007
Comes in different shades of pastels.

25 Candles available March 2007

Snow available on September 3rd 2007

Houndstooth available on August 17, 2007
Houndstooth pattern on the inside.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Costume Institue Gala

There were some amazing gowns worn to the Costume Insitute Gala this year; these are my top picks in descending order:

In first place, with her gorgeous chiffon gown is Camilla Belle. The gown is just perfectly made, there isn't one thing I would critique about it. It is a unique style with the gold detailing and the layers of grey chiffon. She looks flawless.

Camilla Belle, in Gaultier Paris Haute

I was very impressed with Ivanka Trump. She is becoming a fashion favourite for me, her dress was simple but she made it look very sexy and elegant.

Ivanka Trump, in Jason Wu.

Jennifer Lopez almost never disappoints, she is one of my fashion icons. Here she is wearing a modified Marchesa gown. Jennifer really knows how to put a look together and dress for her body.

Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa

Lucy looks is perfect for spring in this bright purple. The colour suits her well and it makes her stand out from all the other celebrities.

Lucy Liu in Zac Posen

I love how she paired her studded white gown with the punkish black gloves. It all goes so well with her new edgy bob haircut. She get top points for originality.

Rihanna, in Georges Chakra

I really like Lindsay's gown-she is always high fashion. The gown suits her perfectly, it wouldn't look as good on someone else. My only complaint is with her hair, which looks like she did it herself in the limo five minutes before posing for this picture. I want her to go back to being a redhead, or at least a brunette. This over done orange-blonde isn't working.

Lindsay Lohan in Zac Posen

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Style Profile (Men's Edition)

Every well-dressed man needs linen in his summer wardrobe. Olive green or royal blue shirts look great with natural coloured linen pants. I recommend tucking the shirt in for this look. I did like the cuff in picture A and it would compliment this look if there were one less item in dark brown leather. Be careful not to over-accessorize.The Chelsea boots are the best item here, This London look is extrememly fashionable right now. I love them because they are an orginal style and an alternative to the lace up dress shoes.

A) Mavi Jeans San Remo Linen Shirt $68.00 Macys.com
B) Merona belt $21.99 Target.com
C) Relaxed flap-pocket linen pant $68.00 Bananarepublic.com
D) 'Chelsea' pull-on boot $168.00 Bananarepublic.com

This look is casual but stylish. The Sean John jeans have good detailing on the back pockets. The shoes have the sleek design that Puma is known for. A red t-shirt could be substituted for the white one to give the outfit extra flare.

A) Zip up sweater $69.99 Armaniexchange.com
B) Fitted long-sleeved T 19.50 Gap.com
C) Sean John Track Stitch Jean $39.99 Macys.com
D) French 77 $75.00 Puma.com

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Orignal fashions: T-shirts

Threadless.com is a great website which I recently discovered. They have competitions which allow people to design t-shirts. The winning designs are produced and customers can purchase a unique t-shirt. The t-shirts are $15 for men and $17 for women. Hoodies are also available for $40.

I really love original t-shirts. It is definetly a fashion mistake to wear a logo tee. I will never understand how people are persuaded to buy expensive t-shirts that are plain except for a strategically placed company's logo. These shoppers are getting ripped off AND they are acting as a walking advertisement.

This t-shirt was my favourite. It would be even better if they had printed "Biggie was right..." above the picture. I found that a lot of a humour in the t-shirt designs comes from the title. In some cases, the significance of the picture would not be clear to someone who didn't know the title.

Typical female Vs. male stereotypes; re-enforced with the pink for girls and blue for boys. Love it. This would be a cute shirt for the ladies to wear to a wedding shower.

I was disappointed that Treadless.com didn't have V-neck Ts. I really prefer V-necks but for my favourite designs, I can make do with a crew t-shirt. Wearing a shirt with interesting designs like these instantly makes a plain outfit stylish. Go for style and vogue and skip the logos Ts!


Guys and Dolls $15.00 Dressingthedreamers.com

Reverie makes a t-shirt which is very similar to the treadless "Perpetuate the stereotype" shirt, it is called "Guys and Dolls". I'm not sure which company came out with the shirt idea first, but one of them is jacking the other's style!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Black and White is in vogue!

The simplicity of black and white together is making a dramatic statement on red carpets everywhere. Whether it is a black and white dress or black and white seperates that are being paired together, the look is undeniably fresh and sophisticated.

Who do you think wore the Jill Stuart outfit better: Lindsay Lohan or Nia Long? I vote for Nia, she seems to fill out the dress better and I prefer black shoes with this outfit. Lindsay also looks great.

You may not have to buy new pieces to achieve this look since most people have black and white in their closet. If you want an excuse for shopping though, there are some great options below. My favourite is the dress by BCBG Max AzrIa. A more affordable choice is the colour block dress from Victoria's secret.

A) Dannii Ruched Tie Dress $75.08 Asos.com
B) BCBG Max Azria Black and White Cocktail Dresses $260.00 Edressme.com
C) Contrast Bra Top dress $29.00 Victoriassecret.com
D) Colour Block Mini Dress $53.63 Asos.com
E) Chetta B Beaded Top Shutter Pleat Dress $460.00 Bloomingdales.com

Friday, May 4, 2007

Fashion 911 Emergency: Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson at the Louis Vuitton LOVE party at the Louis Vuitton store in New York.

I love Scarlett Johansonn, I love her movies, her attidue and normally, I love her style. This time however, she gets the thumbs down! I can't believe it, everything is so off center! Somehow, she still manages to look beautiful in spite of this fashion disaster. Her hair looks overprocessed, like it has been straightened too much and has no body left to it. The colouring of the dress and the pleating of the skirt is very unflattering. Yuck! Sorry Scarlett, try again!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Sarah Jessica Parker Style

SJP is the latest celebrity to hop on the "design your own fashion line" bandwagon, except she is doing it with a twist. Her line is called Bitten- taken from the fact that she was 'bitten' by the acting bug. The line is meant to be affordable and it actually is! Every piece is $20 or under- hard to believe; yet true.

I haven't seen any pieces except for the polka dot black and white dress pictured, and I would definetly buy that for $20. I have a similar dress except mine has spaghetti staps and I would recommend this dress. It is a classic and a staple for your closet. You can wear it to the office with a white or black sweater or in the evening with red heels and a red belt. The line will be sold by Steve and Barry's and debuts on June 7th.

Bitten dress $20.00 Bittensjp.com

Dressed to Impress: 21 Dresses for Spring/Summer

Bright colours are perfect for spring and summer party dresses. For the woman that wants to be in Vogue the bubble dresses are a great option. They are high fashion and definetly stand out. A more traditonal A-line dress is complimentary to most figures. This season the past trend of black and white floral patterns is continued. It is a classic look that is even better when highlighted by bright red accessories.

A) Knot-front matte jersey dress $75.00 Victoriassecret.com
B) ABS by Allen Schwartz Cream Bow and Black Bubble dress $250.00 Bloomingdales.com
C) Lily Strapless Print Party Dress $108.00 Nordstrom.com

Floral is in for spring. It is very feminine and delicate. An alternative is brightly patterened dresses which give the same variety of colours without the floral backdrop.

A) Catherine Malandrino Palm Trapeze Dress $450.00 Saksfifthavenue.com
B) Silk Printed Dress $75.08 Asos.com
C) Adrianna Papell Floral Silk Halter Dress $178.00 Nordstrom.com

Pastels are also very feminine. These soft colours are best suited for the daytime.

A) Shoshanna Eyelet Surplice Dress $330.00 Southmoonunder.comg
B) Ballet dress $65.00 Gap.com
C) Bisou Bisou® Printed Halter Dress $80.00 Jcpenny.com

White is a staple for the hot weather. It looks fresh and keeps you cool. White sundresses are best worn for afternoon parties or lunches.

A) Tresta Beaded Dress $98.00 Guess.com
B) Tiered empire dress $69.50 Gap.com
C) AE Patchwork Grad Party Dress $69.50 Ae.com

Stripes are another new trend. Blue and white striped dresses are great as part of the nautical look.

A) Breezy boatneck dress $48.00 Victoriassecret.com
B) Striped dress $65.00 Victoriassecret.com
C) Striped halter dress $31.20 Newport-news.com

Mod minis are in vogue. They are very cute for the younger woman.

A) Silk Trim Jumper with Pockets $98.00 Bebe.com
B) Scoop Neck Pleated Dress $22.50 Wetseal.com
C) Lulu Dress $24.80 Forever21.com

Long loose dresses give a bohemian look. They are best worn in the day time, since they tend to have a more casual look.

A)Lyndia Procanik Halter dress $158.00 Victoriassecret.com
B) Girl Talk Halter Butterfly Print Dress $29.99 Overstock.com
C) Tie-neck Halter Dress $49.00 Newport-news.com