Thursday, May 10, 2007

Style Profile (Men's Edition)

Every well-dressed man needs linen in his summer wardrobe. Olive green or royal blue shirts look great with natural coloured linen pants. I recommend tucking the shirt in for this look. I did like the cuff in picture A and it would compliment this look if there were one less item in dark brown leather. Be careful not to over-accessorize.The Chelsea boots are the best item here, This London look is extrememly fashionable right now. I love them because they are an orginal style and an alternative to the lace up dress shoes.

A) Mavi Jeans San Remo Linen Shirt $68.00
B) Merona belt $21.99
C) Relaxed flap-pocket linen pant $68.00
D) 'Chelsea' pull-on boot $168.00

This look is casual but stylish. The Sean John jeans have good detailing on the back pockets. The shoes have the sleek design that Puma is known for. A red t-shirt could be substituted for the white one to give the outfit extra flare.

A) Zip up sweater $69.99
B) Fitted long-sleeved T 19.50
C) Sean John Track Stitch Jean $39.99
D) French 77 $75.00

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