Sunday, April 22, 2007


Depending on your coverage preference you can go from bikinis to monokinis to full bathing suits. The trend for this season is definetly the monokini, but you should always choose a swimsuit that compliments your body.

A) Sailor bikini 19.99, Tropez brief 19.99
B) Monokini $110.00
C)Magic Suit by Miraclesuit® Wrap One Piece $132.00

One piece bathing suits are flattering on most people. There are swimsuits designed to firm up and minimize problem areas. Try the Magicsuit or the Miraclesuit which claims to take off 7 pounds!

A)Betsey Johnson Hot dot bikini $150.00
B) La Blanca African Queen Tankini $110.00
C)Magicsuit® Firm control one-piece $136.00

Colour should be another careful consideration. Colour should be chosen based on skin tones, however you may want to choose solids and darker colours for slimming looks.

A) L Space Scandalous Skin $160.00
B) Skinny Dip Lined Lycra Deep V One Piece Bathing Suit with Buckle Detail $26.99
C) Jets by Jessika Allen Rouge Onepiece $133.00

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Money and Fashion

I have noticed that sometimes when it comes to fashion, the rich try to look poor and the poor try to look rich. Certain celebrities like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shell out thousands of dollars for that 'urban' look - boho chic. People with average income who want the designer touch, sometimes break the bank for those Gucci shades or have to turn to imitation brands for the latest vogue in purses or shoes.

Riches to Rags

A) Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel $45 000
B) No boundaries Mixed Media Tote Bag $12.96 Walmart

C) Light Urban Destruction Jean $115.00
D) Levis Nouveau Boot Cut Stretch Jeans $5.10

Poor to Posh

A) Black Mahala Croc Trim Tote inspired by Jimmy Choo 42.99
B) Jimmy Choo Mahala Bag $1895 Neiman

C) Charles David Twilo $163.76
D) Manola Blahnik Thyme $535.00

The point of this post is; don't be a slave to brand names. Buy clothes and accessories because they look good and you like them; not because of the label. If you can't afford the brands you like, don't break the bank to get them. It is fine to get the imitation version sometimes, but make sure you are buying it because you like it and not just to keep up with the joneses!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Madonna Style

Madonna debuted her M collection for H&M on March 22nd. The pieces were inspired by clothes from Madonna's closet. Apparently there wasn't a mad rush for the clothes like there was with Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCarthney. I can see why.

Madonna is of course the woman who said she doesn't care too much about fashion; she just wanders around in her track suit and embarasses her daughter Lourdes when she picks her up from school dressed that way. Maybe they should have gotten Lourdes to design the collection; which is nothing special.

A) Sequined dress 349.00 H&M stores
B) Trench 379.00 H&M stores

The collection consists of black and white pieces that don't have any thing that would make them seem destinct or designer, which you would expect, considering that the pieces are more expensive typical than H&M. One signature Madonna piece however, was the body suit. I liked the Sequined dress and Leather trench. The only piece I would purchase was the white blouse, which is a staple for spring.

A) Body Suit 24.90, Belt 34.90 H&M stores
B) Shrit 34.90, Belt 44.90, Skirt 54.90

Monday, April 16, 2007

Style Profile

Coloured jeans are a hot new trend. Celebrities have been spotted wearing them in red, green and purple. These red jeans are sure to make anyone standout. The military style coat is another great look for the daring fashionista.

A) Japan Stand Collar Military Jacket $49.95
B) Rich & Skinny Leggy Jeans in Red $176.00
C) Black Mahala Croc Trim Tote inspired by Jimmy Choo $42.99
D) Miranda-04 Pat Wedge $20.99

This royal blue dress with ruching in the mid-section is complimentary to most body shapes.The Classic Style woman can experiment with trends in the form of accessories. Quilted bags and shoes are a new look. This outfit is tied together with the bold gold jewelry.

A) White Quilted Stam Handbag Inspired by Marc Jacobs $52.99
B) Rsvp Bello $ 64.95
C) Ruched Halter Dress-Blue $40.00
D) Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelet $188.00
E) Shiela Fajl Necklace $60.00

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Gwen Stefani Style

Gwen Stefani wore this great outfit to the Kids Choice Awards on March 31st. I love the look of the crisp white blouse with a scarf. You can try different kinds of scarves. Experiment with bright patterns, leopard print, houndstooth or solid colours.

A) Speechless Short-Sleeved Belted Blouse $38.00
B) Emilio Pucci Diamond-Shaped Silk Scarf $130.00
C) Istanbul Scarf $12.00

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring/Summer Shopping

A change is season is a perfect reason to go shopping, and there is nothing quite as satisfying as spring/summer shopping. So here are the essentials for you from your head to your toes. This is just a list, there will be more detailed posts with different options for each item.

1. Accessories
If you can't afford to add new pieces to your wardrobe, the next best alternative is accessories. If you can afford new pieces, accessories are the perfect compliment. Bright coloured patent accessories in the form of belts, earrings and bangles. Metalics have to be my favourite right now. Gold especially! Floppy hats and sunglasses are also staples.

Alexis Bittar Sedgwick Turquoise Cuff $245.00

Spring and summer are the seasons to be feminine. Get yourself a light material white or pastel dress for those hot days and bright coloured sexy party dresses for those hotter nights.

A) Ballet dress. $69.50
B) 6-in-1 Top & dress. $48.00

3. You will need some sort of cropped pant. Depending on your height go with 3/4 length or capris or even shorts. Shorts are not for every one but if you can pull them off... do it! I’m loving the look of shorts with heels. Cute.

Citizens of humanity. $138.00

It is always hard to find the right swimsuit. Different body types look best in different suits, but the look now is definetly cut-out one piece suits.

BCBG Max Azria Crochet One Piece. $138.00

5. Shoes
Wedges were made for spring/summer fashions. For comfort flat shoes are key. Try some ballet flats or slip-ons depending on your personal style.

A) Jessica Simpson Gali wedges. $92.95
B) Vans KVD $40.00
C) Sugar quilted cat $40.00

5. Jackets.
For those times that it gets a little chilly, you'll need a great jacket. The motorcyle style jacket, the mandarin collar jackets and the cropped jackets are all hot looks. Otherwise the classic jeans jacket is a good alternative.

Leather racing jacket. $328.00

I'm back to blogging!!!!

I was having quite a hectic time in my life and I wasn't able to keep up with this blog, I am back! I will update this blog on a regular basis now! Thanks to everyone who has been patient and I hope to attract some new visitors!