Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Money and Fashion

I have noticed that sometimes when it comes to fashion, the rich try to look poor and the poor try to look rich. Certain celebrities like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen shell out thousands of dollars for that 'urban' look - boho chic. People with average income who want the designer touch, sometimes break the bank for those Gucci shades or have to turn to imitation brands for the latest vogue in purses or shoes.

Riches to Rags

A) Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel $45 000
B) No boundaries Mixed Media Tote Bag $12.96 Walmart

C) Light Urban Destruction Jean $115.00
D) Levis Nouveau Boot Cut Stretch Jeans $5.10

Poor to Posh

A) Black Mahala Croc Trim Tote inspired by Jimmy Choo 42.99
B) Jimmy Choo Mahala Bag $1895 Neiman

C) Charles David Twilo $163.76
D) Manola Blahnik Thyme $535.00

The point of this post is; don't be a slave to brand names. Buy clothes and accessories because they look good and you like them; not because of the label. If you can't afford the brands you like, don't break the bank to get them. It is fine to get the imitation version sometimes, but make sure you are buying it because you like it and not just to keep up with the joneses!

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