Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Madonna Style

Madonna debuted her M collection for H&M on March 22nd. The pieces were inspired by clothes from Madonna's closet. Apparently there wasn't a mad rush for the clothes like there was with Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCarthney. I can see why.

Madonna is of course the woman who said she doesn't care too much about fashion; she just wanders around in her track suit and embarasses her daughter Lourdes when she picks her up from school dressed that way. Maybe they should have gotten Lourdes to design the collection; which is nothing special.

A) Sequined dress 349.00 H&M stores
B) Trench 379.00 H&M stores

The collection consists of black and white pieces that don't have any thing that would make them seem destinct or designer, which you would expect, considering that the pieces are more expensive typical than H&M. One signature Madonna piece however, was the body suit. I liked the Sequined dress and Leather trench. The only piece I would purchase was the white blouse, which is a staple for spring.

A) Body Suit 24.90, Belt 34.90 H&M stores
B) Shrit 34.90, Belt 44.90, Skirt 54.90

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