Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Fashion 911 Emergency: Naomi Campbell

You would think that someone would have told her that the flower looks like it is attacking her head.... but I guess people are scared after her attacks on maids. The dress is also hideous, I don't know what inspired her to put it on... it looks like something you would find in the Goodwill bin.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The debate continues...

Whether or not designers should use fur in their clothing continues to be a debate within the fashion industry. Inspite of the controversy fur is still fashionable. Most people are already familiar with the issue and the views of both the pro and anti-fur supporters. The main argument against fur is that it is promoting cruelty and the murder of helpless animals, which is uneccessary when there are many other materials available to designers. While on the pro fur side, fur is just another material like leather which comes from animals and it is only natural for humans to use animals for food and clothing.

The ironic thing about fur coats is that they are worn the wrong way! Native Peoples wore the fur on the inside, because that traps the air keeping the wearer warmer. My view is that we should never push our ethics on other people, it isn't very effective. You can present people with the facts and allow them to make their own choice. For me, PETA has lost a lot of legitmacy even with celebrities such as Pamela Anderson supporting them. Crashing fashion shows naked, running around confonting celebrities and throwing paint on fur clothing does not seem very rational to me. It does not ever convince people not to wear fur, it just makes them more resistant to the anti-fur activists because they seem like a wild band of lunatics.

A) Marcelle Danan Fox Fur Shawl. $832.90

B) Fur coat. Peter Dundas for Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2007 RTW

C) Carilyn Vaile Faux Fur Cape. $167.90

Monday, March 5, 2007

Louis Vuitton 2007 RTW

People are going to hate me for saying this, but I'm really not a huge Marc Jacobs fan. He does design wonderful purses, but when it comes to clothing, nothing he makes seems very flattering. I have to wonder if it weren't Marc Jacobs, with his popularity with the stars and it was some other unknown designer- would people really get so excited about his clothes?

The problem with his collection, in my non-designer opinion, is that it isn't very interesting. It is not something that I would look up and say "Oh I have to have that!" It is just typical Marc Jacobs. I think I would even prefer his grunge period, because at least that was different. Above is the what I thought was the best look of the collection- minus the hat.

So, the tagline for his show was "Girl with a monogrammed handbag" however I'm thinking it should have been "Girl with a floppy hat" There were flopply beret style hats on nearly every model! Why? Not a good look! The few monogrammed handbags were quite nice though.

Here's a close up of one I wouldn't mind owning!

Sunday, March 4, 2007


These are the hair styles that are really fashionable right now. Loose long curls like Beyonce, short pixie cuts like Kiera Knightly's and the inverted bob that Victoria Beckham had. The inverted bob is my favourite look and I am planning on having my hair cut like that.

A) A lot of celebrities are wearing their hair this way. It looks good on a lot of people and long hair gives you a lot of options- especially when it is a lace front weave like Beyonce's.

B) The pixie cut is for the brave woman. That is really a lot of hair to cut off. I think you have to have a really nice, small and feminine face to pull this off, because you don't want to look masculine.

C) The inverted bob is the new take on the classic bob which had a rounder shape. Having it longer at the front like this makes it look more edgy. It is a short hair cut, but not so short that you would never be able to do anything different with it, such as curling it.

So, although you may feel like one of these styles would look good, you may not want to risk cutting your hair and ending up with a disaster. Luckily, you can go to and test out any of these and many other styles risk free by uploading your photo. I tried it, and although I couldn't find the exact styles that I wanted I found some similar ones, that gave me a better idea of how they would look on me. I was disappointed I couldn't find the inverted bob, but I will still get that cut. There are other features you can test out with the makeover-o-matic program such as eye colour, glasses and makeup. Check it out and have fun making yourself over!

Style Profile (Men's Edition)

This is a very basic casual look, that would be suited to just about any man. The accessories are really essential in this look. Most guys probably have a white shirt and washed blue jeans in their closets, so just by adding the accessories the look can be created. I chose these black shoes because really I'm tired of the white kicks with jeans look. Black runners can be worn casually, but can also be pulled of with semi-casual unlike white ones. The scarf is cashmere and it is on sale. I would really suggest that anyone who likes it get it, you are not likely to find this great deal again!

A) Crisp Linen Shirt. $24.00

B) Original Jeans. $59.90 H&M stores

C) Corona Military Hat - Olive. $12.00

D) Solid Cashmere Scarf - Ebony. $12.49

E) Adidas Sports Porsche Leather Shoes. $99.95

I love this look! It is really stylish. Men be adventurous and try something like this out! This look is semi-casual. Very impressive for a first date.Now my favourite thing is the watch. It is gorgeous! Go to the website and see it in detail. It is really one of a kind.

A) FreshJive - Militia Zip Hoodie Sweater. $97.00

B) Stain resistant relax fit khaki. $34.90

C) Short-sleeved slub crew neck tee. $24.50

D) Penguin Gold Monogram detail watch. $125.00

E) Mossimo® Shawn Driving Moccasins - Black. $34.99

Hermes Fall 2007 RTW

Well, like most collections this season the Hermes show was composed of neutrals and earth tones with hints of colour. Accessories were almost as important as the clothes themselves, with nearly every model outfitted in hats and gloves.

Leather, leather everywhere! This is quite nice actually, I love the warm brown colour and the pleating at the end of the skirt. Although everyting is the same colour, it still looks interesting becasuse of the differnt textures-the satin blouse, camel coat and leather skirt.

The equestrain look. Neutral fibres which are highlighted with the leather vest and riding boots. Here's an idea; matching your gloves with your jacket colour instead of the boots- I think this looks much better. Otherwise you look overly coordinated with all your accessories in the same colour.

I really love this muff, it is made to look like a purse.... I wonder if you can put anything in it?

Of course, no collection would be complete without the seasons singature hint of colour and dark stockings. This is the ever popular navy blue in suede.

Why? Oh why?

Here is Christina Ricci at the premiere of her new movie Black Snake Moan. This isn't the worst fashion disaster I have seen, but I chose it because she was so close to looking great, but still so far away. A little more effort could have made such a difference. From the neck up she looks amazing, but as I lower my eyes I am very disappointed.

The problem with this dress is it has absolutely no shape. Really she has a great figure, but this dress is doing its best to hide that. I'm really confused about why the designer added that cheap looking black band to the top part.

I don't think clothing has to be skin tight, but it does need some form. The designer should have added some darts somewhere. Look at how it just hangs of her back! There is enough room in this dress for another person. This dress looks like something that was bought at the discount store for your high school prom. Try again Christina!

Style Profile

Classic Style Woman: A lot of basic pieces are used for this look. This look is more about dressing to compliment your body type and personal taste instead of focusing on the latest vogue. Accessories are really important for adding the finishing touches on this look. The jeans I chose are boot cut instead of the trendy skinny fit jeans because they are more flattering on most body types. The shoes add a lot of glamour to the look with their metallic platform and can be worn day to evening. It is always a good idea to spend money on jeans and shoes and to budget everywhere else!

A) Navy-blue Tank Top. $8.50

B) Cropped Jacket. $22.80 Forever

C) Caren Extended Circle Icon Jean. $119.00

D) Shield D Side Sunglasses. $5.00

E) Turn lock clutch. $39.99

F) Blast pumps. $59.99

High Style Woman: This look is for the trendsetter. It is the mod style which makes a bold statement. The red heart accessories add a bit of cuteness to the look. The bright red shoes with the black stockings are very daring. They are the most expensive part of this look and they are well worth it. A white strecth tank tee or turtleneck could also be subsituted for the white blouse.

A) Stretch Poplim Empire Waist Blouse. $30.00

B) DKNY Opaque Control Top Tights. $12.00

C) Grey dress. $39.90 H&M stores

D) Heart shape ring. $4.00

E) Heart cutout headband. $6.00

F) Betsey Johnson Fanci. $170.00

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Giambattista Valli Fall 2007 RTW

Giambattista Valli showed today in Paris for fashion week. This is the designer who created the dress Victoria Beckham wore to the TomKat wedding. Well, I loved this collection. It was really subdued- clean lines a lot of black and neutrals with hints of red and yellow.

I couldn't believe the shoes! I love them. They are 6 inch heels- impressive! Normally I'm not a fan of open-toed shoes with stockings, but coming down the runway they looked amazing. I'm not sure how well that would translate on the street though.

So is this the new vogue? Open-toed brightly coloured shoes with dark stockings?

Celebrity Brands

Well the fashion industry has complained that supermodels are a close to extinct breed, who are being wiped out by the celebrity. However, maybe what the fashion industry should concern itself with is how Celebrity Brands are begining to take over from the Designer Labels. It is almost becoming expected that any celebrity with a significant amount of fame and with a modicum of style or at least a good stylist must start their own brand. Not for profits, but for the sake of fashion of course! Yeah right! Well here are what I consider to be some notable Celebrity Brands:

1. P.diddy: Sean John

2. Gwen Stefani: L.A.M.B.

3. Jennifer Lopez: Sweetface

4. Beyonce: House of Dereon

5. Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham of Rock&Republic, dVb Style

6. Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson

Of course these aren't the only celebrity brands, but they are the only ones I consider to be stylish and would ever consider wearing. P.diddy's Sean John line is quite impressive for men; really well tailored clothing along with casual wear. Unlike some other "rappers" such a Pharell, whose Billionaire's Boys Club clothing brings tacky patterns to a whole other level. Gwen Stefani brings her crazy style to the masses with L.A.M.B. popularizing the harujuku look in North America. Maybe the best thing about JLo's Sweetface line is the accessories, although there have been quite a few pieces off the runway that I love.

Beyonce has been wearing her mom's designs from the get go and now her mom is designing her fashion line House of Dereon, which she wears on every possible occasion. Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon; she started with her amazing jeans for Rock&Republic, and is expanding her dVb line.

Jessica Simpson's brand has some gorgeous shoes, which are very similar to the Christian Louboutin ones she wears herself, except for less. Which brings up another question, can Celebrity Brands really be considered legitimate fashion ventures if the celebrity's rarely even wear them themselve? For example, Kimora Lee Simmon's tacky line- Baby Phat, it is cheaply made and overpriced. You rarely see her in off the rack Baby Phat. Instead of having the world's largest collection of Baby Phat purses, she has the largest collection of Louis Vuitton purses!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Shopping Bag

I think we all have moved away from the granny panties- at least I hope so! Anyway, one fashion item that no one should do without is beautiful underwear- that's an essential. You don't have to go crazy and have over a 100 pairs of coordinating pieces like my friend J*****, but a few sexy pieces make a huge difference!

A) Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Bustier from $345.00
It is definetly out of my price range, but I want it desperately! If you can afford it-get it! Leopard print is one of the trends that I'm loving.

B) La Senza Gothica Microfibre Bustier from $45.00 Cdn
Now this is a cheaper alternative to the Dolce&Gabbana bustier. It is actually really nice. A friend of mine has this, and it laces up all the way in the back. You can't see that on the website pictures though.

C) Vertical cup convertible push-up bra from $48.00
I was really impressed with this bra and I am going to get it. I love how you can wear low cut and open back dresses with it! Perfect!

Victoria Beckham Style

Well here is Victoria Beckham, looking very chic and expensive as usual. I found her look or what could be made into her look for quite less. This dress from is on sale for only $7.99! Of course it isnt the exact look, but this dress would look amazingover a turtleneck. If you're not adventurous enough to try that, well for 7.99 you can have it altered into the skirt you want!

Sleeveless Plaid Dress
Was: $24.80
Now: $7.99

Model VS Halle B.

I knew I recognized this dress! Well maybe the only person that can look better in a dress than Halle Berry would have to be a model. Halle added some straps to her gown, most likely to avoid a wardrobe malfunction! The most memorable Elie Saab that Halle has worn, must be her dress from her 2003 Oscar win... this one is much better! I think it is a pretty close competition between Halle and the model.... Who do you think looks better?

Elie Saab Spring 2007 RTW

Well, the theme was most definetly gold and sequins! That's why he is Beyonce's favourite designer. It was a bit too flashy for me. However, I really loved the chiffon dress, which wasn't gold but a warm yellow. I love the empire waist style with the layering of the chiffon for the skirt.

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