Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The debate continues...

Whether or not designers should use fur in their clothing continues to be a debate within the fashion industry. Inspite of the controversy fur is still fashionable. Most people are already familiar with the issue and the views of both the pro and anti-fur supporters. The main argument against fur is that it is promoting cruelty and the murder of helpless animals, which is uneccessary when there are many other materials available to designers. While on the pro fur side, fur is just another material like leather which comes from animals and it is only natural for humans to use animals for food and clothing.

The ironic thing about fur coats is that they are worn the wrong way! Native Peoples wore the fur on the inside, because that traps the air keeping the wearer warmer. My view is that we should never push our ethics on other people, it isn't very effective. You can present people with the facts and allow them to make their own choice. For me, PETA has lost a lot of legitmacy even with celebrities such as Pamela Anderson supporting them. Crashing fashion shows naked, running around confonting celebrities and throwing paint on fur clothing does not seem very rational to me. It does not ever convince people not to wear fur, it just makes them more resistant to the anti-fur activists because they seem like a wild band of lunatics.

A) Marcelle Danan Fox Fur Shawl. $832.90 Saksfifthavenue.com

B) Fur coat. Peter Dundas for Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2007 RTW

C) Carilyn Vaile Faux Fur Cape. $167.90 Nordstrom.com

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