Sunday, March 4, 2007

Style Profile

Classic Style Woman: A lot of basic pieces are used for this look. This look is more about dressing to compliment your body type and personal taste instead of focusing on the latest vogue. Accessories are really important for adding the finishing touches on this look. The jeans I chose are boot cut instead of the trendy skinny fit jeans because they are more flattering on most body types. The shoes add a lot of glamour to the look with their metallic platform and can be worn day to evening. It is always a good idea to spend money on jeans and shoes and to budget everywhere else!

A) Navy-blue Tank Top. $8.50

B) Cropped Jacket. $22.80 Forever

C) Caren Extended Circle Icon Jean. $119.00

D) Shield D Side Sunglasses. $5.00

E) Turn lock clutch. $39.99

F) Blast pumps. $59.99

High Style Woman: This look is for the trendsetter. It is the mod style which makes a bold statement. The red heart accessories add a bit of cuteness to the look. The bright red shoes with the black stockings are very daring. They are the most expensive part of this look and they are well worth it. A white strecth tank tee or turtleneck could also be subsituted for the white blouse.

A) Stretch Poplim Empire Waist Blouse. $30.00

B) DKNY Opaque Control Top Tights. $12.00

C) Grey dress. $39.90 H&M stores

D) Heart shape ring. $4.00

E) Heart cutout headband. $6.00

F) Betsey Johnson Fanci. $170.00


Mary said...

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