Sunday, March 4, 2007

Why? Oh why?

Here is Christina Ricci at the premiere of her new movie Black Snake Moan. This isn't the worst fashion disaster I have seen, but I chose it because she was so close to looking great, but still so far away. A little more effort could have made such a difference. From the neck up she looks amazing, but as I lower my eyes I am very disappointed.

The problem with this dress is it has absolutely no shape. Really she has a great figure, but this dress is doing its best to hide that. I'm really confused about why the designer added that cheap looking black band to the top part.

I don't think clothing has to be skin tight, but it does need some form. The designer should have added some darts somewhere. Look at how it just hangs of her back! There is enough room in this dress for another person. This dress looks like something that was bought at the discount store for your high school prom. Try again Christina!

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