Saturday, March 3, 2007

Celebrity Brands

Well the fashion industry has complained that supermodels are a close to extinct breed, who are being wiped out by the celebrity. However, maybe what the fashion industry should concern itself with is how Celebrity Brands are begining to take over from the Designer Labels. It is almost becoming expected that any celebrity with a significant amount of fame and with a modicum of style or at least a good stylist must start their own brand. Not for profits, but for the sake of fashion of course! Yeah right! Well here are what I consider to be some notable Celebrity Brands:

1. P.diddy: Sean John

2. Gwen Stefani: L.A.M.B.

3. Jennifer Lopez: Sweetface

4. Beyonce: House of Dereon

5. Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham of Rock&Republic, dVb Style

6. Jessica Simpson: Jessica Simpson

Of course these aren't the only celebrity brands, but they are the only ones I consider to be stylish and would ever consider wearing. P.diddy's Sean John line is quite impressive for men; really well tailored clothing along with casual wear. Unlike some other "rappers" such a Pharell, whose Billionaire's Boys Club clothing brings tacky patterns to a whole other level. Gwen Stefani brings her crazy style to the masses with L.A.M.B. popularizing the harujuku look in North America. Maybe the best thing about JLo's Sweetface line is the accessories, although there have been quite a few pieces off the runway that I love.

Beyonce has been wearing her mom's designs from the get go and now her mom is designing her fashion line House of Dereon, which she wears on every possible occasion. Victoria Beckham is a fashion icon; she started with her amazing jeans for Rock&Republic, and is expanding her dVb line.

Jessica Simpson's brand has some gorgeous shoes, which are very similar to the Christian Louboutin ones she wears herself, except for less. Which brings up another question, can Celebrity Brands really be considered legitimate fashion ventures if the celebrity's rarely even wear them themselve? For example, Kimora Lee Simmon's tacky line- Baby Phat, it is cheaply made and overpriced. You rarely see her in off the rack Baby Phat. Instead of having the world's largest collection of Baby Phat purses, she has the largest collection of Louis Vuitton purses!

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