Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Orignal fashions: T-shirts is a great website which I recently discovered. They have competitions which allow people to design t-shirts. The winning designs are produced and customers can purchase a unique t-shirt. The t-shirts are $15 for men and $17 for women. Hoodies are also available for $40.

I really love original t-shirts. It is definetly a fashion mistake to wear a logo tee. I will never understand how people are persuaded to buy expensive t-shirts that are plain except for a strategically placed company's logo. These shoppers are getting ripped off AND they are acting as a walking advertisement.

This t-shirt was my favourite. It would be even better if they had printed "Biggie was right..." above the picture. I found that a lot of a humour in the t-shirt designs comes from the title. In some cases, the significance of the picture would not be clear to someone who didn't know the title.

Typical female Vs. male stereotypes; re-enforced with the pink for girls and blue for boys. Love it. This would be a cute shirt for the ladies to wear to a wedding shower.

I was disappointed that didn't have V-neck Ts. I really prefer V-necks but for my favourite designs, I can make do with a crew t-shirt. Wearing a shirt with interesting designs like these instantly makes a plain outfit stylish. Go for style and vogue and skip the logos Ts!


Guys and Dolls $15.00

Reverie makes a t-shirt which is very similar to the treadless "Perpetuate the stereotype" shirt, it is called "Guys and Dolls". I'm not sure which company came out with the shirt idea first, but one of them is jacking the other's style!

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